Mention of our neighborhood or the initiative in the press

„Living in Berlin: Fear in the Social Conservation Area“

Berliner Zeitung,  Feb 21st 2023
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„Saving the Weberwiese tenants“

Neues Deutschland, Feb 9th 2023
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„Tenant protection in Berlin-Friedrichshain: 500 flats could be sold“

Tagesspiegel, Feb 9th 2023
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„Tenants fear sell-out: City council wants to help“

Berliner Morgenpost, Feb 7th 2023
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„Preventing displacement: Tenants' initiative wants to save housing around Weberwiese“

Berliner Abendblatt, Feb 5th 2023
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„Preserve mixed neighborhood“

Interview by MieterMagazin with our initiative
MieterMagazin, March 2021
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Social Conservation offers no protection

"At Weberwiese in Friedrichshain, a tenants' initiative is trying to organize the neighborhood against the threat of displacement..."
By Rainer Balcerowiak in Mieterecho, February 2021
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Absurd housing policy: social housing for the rich - and the poor in offices?

"It is a deplorable development on the Berlin housing market and a sign of political poverty: social housing, once sold off by the state of Berlin, is now being thrown on the market by speculators at high prices..."
An outraged comment from Jacek Slaski in Tip, 05.02.2021
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Milieu protection area Weberwiese: How a Berlin landlord bypasses the rent...

"Arjun Kumar has never heard the word “rental cover”, although he has lived in Berlin since 2017. The Indian recently completed his master’s degree in engineering. He lives with three compatriots in a small two-room apartment in Friedrichshain. The flat-sharing community pays 1,400 euros a month for 46 square meters...", 23.12.2020
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