Would you like to get active

in the neighborhood?

Or do you have ideas on how we can achieve our goals?

We really need your support!
We offer a wide range of activities:

For example:

  • Inform the neighbours in your building (e.g. people without internet or email)
  • Research our architecture and history
  • Think up ideas for protests & organise them
  • Discuss with press, politics & other initiatives
  • Plan & organise a summer garden fest
  • Research the network behind White Tulip
  • Distribute flyers in the neighbourhood
  • Research at Grundbuchamt
  • Create content for the website
  • Draw attention in the social media
  • Your skills are needed:

Are there by any chance journalists amongst us? Attorneys or lawyers? Activists? Politicians? Photographers? Film folks? Musicians? Authors? Translators? Designers? Webdesigners? How and how much to contribute, everyone can decide for themselves. The more we are, the more fun and less work it is!

It is crucial that we fight here and now for our right to stay and live here. The longer we wait, and the more flats are being sold, the lesser neighbours we will be and the lesser our chances. We are still many – so let's get active now!

Just get in touch at info@weberwiese-initiative.com!