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asum GmbH - Applied social research and urban management

asum GmbH has its main activity in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and works in the field of social urban development. We have extensive knowledge of the district's planning and development context. Our range of services extends from social research to political advice as well as advice to tenants.

District Office Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg - Weberwiese conservation area

The "Weberwiese" area is a social and urban conservation area in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. It was stipulated on August 12, 2016 in the Law and Ordinance Gazette of Berlin.

Monument protection Friedrichshain

Monument preservation and monument protection have the task of preserving important evidence of building culture - taking into account their monument properties - as well as protecting and preserving cultural monuments as sources and evidence of human history and geological development. They work towards the fact that monuments are included in urban development as well as in spatial planning and landscape management.

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200 Häuser

200Häuser is a Berlin-wide network for people who are affected by conversion and the resulting displacement and termination for personal use. We bring tenants together and transform anonymous dismay into common strength to act.

Berlin vs. Amazon

In 2023, the highest building in Berlin is to overlook the Warschauer Bridge. The notorious Amazon corporation wants to occupy the tower. Upgrading and displacement are threatening the area.

Lause bleibt

We, the tenants of Lausitzer Straße 10 and 11, are a household collective that has grown over decades. We are political and artistic initiatives, NGOs, craftspeople and creatives, families and shared homes. Partnerships, friendships and neighbourhood initiatives have been born in our floors and corridors. In December 2016, we became aware that plans were in place to sell the buildings, which are owned by the Tækker Group. In the exposé put together by the estate agent, a price of at least €20 million was placed on the property – an 800% increase on the original purchase price. The Tækker Group had paid the city – then governed by coalition of the Social Democratic Party and The Left – €2.3 million for the buildings back in 2007.

Deutsche Wohnen & Co Enteignen

After years of speculation and skyrocketing rents in Berlin, Deutsche Wohnen is calling for an end to the madness: We want to go through a referendum to socialize around 240,000 apartments from real estate groups. Article 15 of the Basic Law creates the possibility for this.

Padovicz WatchBlog

It is enough! Tenants defend themselves against the business conduct of the corporate conflict around Gijora Padovicz. Since the 1990s, he has been buying large-scale residential buildings in Berlin, renovating them, often with public money, and throwing old tenants on the street. Time and again tenants have teamed up against Padovicz, time and again there have been successes against this big player in the real estate industry. We want to support these well-fortified tenants with information and bring them together.

Zwangsräumung Verhindern

The alliance “Prevent eviction” is an alliance of neighbors and political activists and supports tenants who fear that they will not stay in their apartment. In order to prevent evictions, we seek talks with the owners, conduct public relations and press work, organize demonstrations and rallies, but also resort to forms of civil disobedience such as sit-ins and blockades.

Bündnis - Gemeinsam gegen Verdrängung und Mietenwahnsinn