Weberwiese –

Milieu sind wir! ... an initiative of tenants in a listed building complex in the social conservation area Weberwiese in Berlin-Friedrichshain, located between Warschauer Straße, Frankfurter Tor and Ostbahnhof. Our buildings comprise 35 floors with a total of almost 500 flats, in which hundreds of tenants live, some of them since the buildings were built in 1954.

Since 2012, the houses have been successively divided into condos and as part of a share deal, the flats became the property of the company White Tulip GmbH (part of the investment company PineBridge Investments, managed by Residea Immobilien Management GmbH) and work began on marketing the condos internationally under the name 54East.

The ensemble now resembles a Swiss cheese: in many buildings, individual flats have already been sold, and many flats have been rented commercially furnished for years through third-party companies such as OrbisWunderflatsNM Co-Living GmbHStellar Living (part of Residea Development GmbH). At the same time, there were also many vacancies and in some buildings individual empty flats were renovated.

Our concern is to stand up for the preservation of our home and the ancestral neighbourhood and to save the houses in which we live from being sold off. We cannot possibly do this on our own, but are dependent on the help of politics and the public sector. That is why we are looking for ways and means to find a common solution with the help of public financing models and in dialogue with the owners, which also serves the common good.

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